Access Control
Welcome to the Access control product section. We offer a wide range of access control products including:
1. Standalone Access Control
Proximity card reader with keypad
2. Networked Access Control for large and small installations
Intelligent access control systems for individual cardholders, groups and time schedules. Complete with their management software
3. Access control with motorized barriers
Access Control Accessories
Access control with motorized barriers
4. Access control with time and attendance
Both the functions of access control and time and attendance are met with such systems
Time & Attendance reader
5. Access control for hotel guest room
Guest allowed access to his room throughout the duration of his stay Hotel housekeepers and maintenance denied entrance to room if "Do Not Disturb" Report on Entrances can be downloaded as required
Readers for hotel
6. System integrated with other systems such as Fire and Intrusion & CCTV systems
Access control system with management software which can host additional functions such as fire alarm and intrusion detection.
7. System with ticketing capability
Sytems for access to museums and car parks.
8. Readers using biometric and alternative ID reading technologies
Type of readers:
Proximity readers. These can read the user ID from a distance up to 2 meters
Biometric readers. These can read the user ID by his fingerprint of facial features or other.
Fingerprint reader