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Business & Home Security

Business & Home Security

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Burglary and Intrusion

Intruder alarm systems are an important part of home and business security. They detect when someone has broken into the property and trigger an alarm to warn people inside and summon the authorities. We offer a full range of Intruder alarm systems including various sizes of control panels, sensors, sirens and all necessary accessories Our team analyses your security needs and advises on the security system that best suits your needs. Having been installing security systems for 30 years, our expert security alarm installation team ensures the system meets your needs and performs effectively.

Fire & Gas Protection

We are your go to destination for all your fire alarm & protection needs. Our fully licensed, accredited and experienced team offers a comprehensive range of fire protection services encompassing design and installation, fire testing and maintenance. Our dedication and quality service are the reason behind our strong reputation and growth.

Our qualified, skilled and licensed fire technicians understand the unique fire safety needs of every project and design cost-effective solutions for your building. Our fire safety solutions not only meet the world-class compliance standards but also enhance the life expectancy of your property and increase its capital value.

Offering a full range of conventional and addressable Fire and Gas alarm panels, detectors and all necessary accessories.

CCTV & Surveillance

  • Safeguard your family home and business with our high-quality CCTV surveillance systems. We install colour digital cameras and state-of-the-art digital video recorders with storage so you can retrieve your CCTV surveillance footage almost instantly at your convenience.
  1. CCTV acts as a deterrent to potential intruders
    Defend your business against theft and vandalism
    Actively monitor high risk areas
    Protect and monitor staff
    Enhance operations management


Featuring PTZ cameras, High resolution monitors, digital recorders for a full range of applications and budgets.

Access Control

To protect staff, customers, visitors, stock, and spaces within a building is the corner stone of a well-functioning access control system. It should help your business minimize risk and create a safe environment by controlling who can enter a building or access specific areas within the premises. When done well, access control systems should enable effortless movement and enhance the overall efficiencies of day-to-day business while maintaining security and safety of your assets and people.

Our systems can also encompass Time and Attendance delivering full business access solutions.

Personal Safety & Security

A range of Do-It-Yourself and personal safety products will put your mind at ease including:

  • Battery-operated smoke, heat or gas detection
    Portable door and window alarm
    Personal Duress alarm
    Small home camera systems
    And more

Security, Sound and Fire barriers

Physical barriers are the outermost layer of security that, combined with a security alarm and cameras, makes for a more complete and secure system. There are many ways you can increase the physical security and safety of your property including but not limited to: boomgate or motorised access gates and doors.

Industrial fire barriers are also a must in high risk situations where explosive and volatile materials may exist as well as to protect occupants from fire dangers.